Where taste transports your sense to a place of timeless traditions 


In 2008, Mediterranean Gourmet was formed as a gourmet distributor and producer of high-end gourmet products. In the year 2012, we have expanded our  product line to include  a unique Organic product line such as Argan Oil, Amlou Paste which is ground almond mixed with Honey and Argan oil, and the personal choice to support small farming communities.
Savoring our products is to transport your sense into a new world of flavors. It is a testament to 2000 years of history, a great heritage that reflects the sense of integrity of the people that harvested and produced these unique flavors, this has allowed us to bring you a deeply rooted tradition that exemplifies a great pride passed down from one generation to another with a great sense of humility and gratitude.
As demand grew for our products, we wanted to bring value to our customers by giving them
access to our sought after specialty food that took us several years to identify. Our products 
carry the distinctive signature of premium tastes and flavors, coupled with a sense of uniqueness
that transpires among our product line. Originating from the Mediterranean region, the unique taste and richness in our products are known to have the best flavors in the market. Our producers have been developing these products for centuries, long standing history of experience and practice that extends over 150 years.
Our organic products are exclusively produced by a women’s cooperative of the Berber tribe
in Morocco. Some of our organic products include saffron and argan oil. We wish to support their communities by continuously incorporating their products into our line.

Pickled Lemon



Argan Oil